Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome to the camp of truth! Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg

The papabear, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, published a new book "Lectures on Quantum Mechanics, ISBN-13: 978-1107028722" on November 30, 2012, and it is a textbook, suited to a one-year graduate course on Quantum Mechanics.

One passage of the book which is quoted widely among physics blogs is,
“My own conclusion (not universally shared) is that today there is no interpretation of quantum mechanics that does not have serious flaws, and that we ought to take seriously the possibility of finding some more satisfactory other theory, to which quantum mechanics is merely a good approximation.”

Yet, most of the physics blogger’s comments are negative. The followings are two of them.
“One may see that Weinberg's views have changed. Unfortunately, the direction of the change may be associated with the word "aging".  ... But the older Weinberg is still prejudiced that there should be some "less quantum" foundations beneath the quantum phenomena although this more general prejudice is still scientifically unjustifiable and ultimately wrong. (see ).”

“I fear I’m with those who don’t share this conclusion, but his arguments are well-worth paying attention to. For someone else who has thought deeply about all this, and come to conclusions closer to my own less well-considered ones, … (see ).”

Although I have advocated this view since 1980, the most recent articles which are available online were posted in April 2012 (six months before Weinberg’s book).  The axiomatic physics (the satisfactory other theory that Weinberg is looking for) is more fundamental than Quantum Mechanics. The followings are a few of them.

a. Axiomatic physics, the final physics (APRIL 28, 2012, ).

b. Axiomatic physics, the revolutionary physics epistemology (MAY 1, 2012, ).

c. Quantum behavior vs. the Cellular Automaton determinism (AUGUST 16, 2012, ).

d. Quantum algebra and axiomatic physics (SEPTEMBER 2, 2012, ).

In fact, the Copenhagen Interpretation of QM expressed the Principle of Complementarity. Yet, the more fundamental principle is the Principle of Mutual Immanence which was discussed at , which was posted online in February 1996.

Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, Welcome to the camp of truth!