Thursday, November 10, 2011

Technicolor, simply wrong

In the recent LHC data, the supersymmetry and superstring theories are basically ruled out. Thus, the Technicolor has gained some attention among physicists.

Technicolor in terms of Rishon Model  (RM) was internally inconsistent and was ruled out 30 years ago theoretically. In my view, technicolor is simply wrong.

The rishon model (RM) is the result of a reverse-engineering of trying to explain the quark color by postulating preons (sub-particle of quarks) which carry Technicolor (the hypercolor). And, the preons are postulated "point-like" particles, conceived to be subcomponents of quarks and leptons. That is, the RM has no underlying physics as its foundation.

Yet, Prequarks in Prequark Chromodynamics (PM) are often mistaken to be similar to the preons. Although quarks and leptons are composed of prequarks, prequarks are not particles at all but are attributes of the spacetime sheet. There are at least four major differences between Preon (Rishons) model.

One, The Preon model (done by Abdus Salam) which was expanded as Rishons model (mainly done by Haim Harari). This Rishons model is very similar to my Prequark model. It has sub-quarks (T, V): {T (Tohu which means "unformed" in Hebrew Genesis)  and V ( Vohu which means "void" in Hebrew Genesis)}. But, Harari did not know what T is (just being unformed). On the other hand, the A (Angultron) is an innate angle, a base to calculate Weinberg angle and Alpha.

Two, the choosing of (T, V) as the bottom was ad hoc, a result of reverse-engineering. On the contrary, there is a very strong theoretical reason for where the BOTTOM is for G-theory.
In G-theory, the universe is ALL about computation, computable or non-computable. For computable, there is a TWO-code theorem. For non-computable, there are 4-color and 7-color theorems.
That is, the BOTTOM must be with two-codes. Any lower level under the two code will become TAUTOLOGY, just repeating itself.
Anything more than two codes (such as 6 quarks + 6 leptons) cannot be the BOTTOM.

Three, rishons (T or V) carry hypercolor to reproduce the quark color, but this set up renders the model non-renormalizable, quickly going into a big mess. So, it was abandoned on day one. On the other hand, prequarks (V or A) carry no color, and the quark color arises from the “prequark SEATs”. In short, Rishons model cannot work out a {neutron decay process} different from the SM process.

This is one of the key differences between prequark and (Rishons and SM).

Four, Preon/Rishons model does not have Gene-colors.

This new physics goes way beyond the gadget physics, and thus I presented it with a new methodology, the Fictitious Universe (FU) Physics.  In FU physics, all physics (principles or laws) are derived, not discovered. Then, these FU laws are compared to the discovered physics laws, as a fingerprints marching or a beauty contest. I have shown many fingerprints marching in my last post ( ) without revealing the underlying physics. Now, I will give a brief outline about this new physics which has only two simple points.

1. The law of creation --- the term “Law of Creation” is a no-no word in science, especially in the gadget physics. In fact, the “First” spontaneous symmetry breaking (FSSB) is the result of the law of creation, which consists of two parts.
a. The “Original” symmetry
b. The symmetry breaking process.

This “Law of Creation” was described in detail in the book “Super Unified Theory” (ISBN 0-916713-02-4, Copyright # TX 1-323-231, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-90325) and is available online. Thus, I will only discuss it very briefly here.

The result of this symmetry breaking (creation) is the spacetime sheet. The breaking process is to transform the symmetry “dimension” (X) to the spacetime “dimension” (n). In Super Unified Theory (SUT), the above process is called the “dimension concretization” or dimension expression, and the n = 11 in SUT.

2. The attributes of spacetime  --- “time” comes into being after the above creation, and it has the following attributes in SUT.
a. “Time” is a quanta, that is, delta T > 0. Delta T can never be equal to zero.

b. “Time” is a 4-dimensional vector, delta T = (t, -t, it, -it). That is, every quanta of time must be identified with 4 labels. “it and –it” are the imaginary time.

c. “Space” is the expression of the “moving” time, that is, delta S = N* C* delta T. N is a time-moving matrix. C is the light speed.

The entire Fictitious Universe arose from these three attributes of time. All derived laws and prequarks (described in the previous posts) are direct consequences of them. I will reiterate some other important direct consequences below.

i. The universe must expand with Acceleration, as the creation process continues (see ). Of course, when the mass of the universe reaches a critical point, the expansion will become decelerating.

ii. Every fermion’s (including neutrino’s) rest mass arises from the “flip-flop” between the “real” and the “imaginary” time mechanism.  That is, the Higgs mechanism is only the shadow of this RI-flip-flap mechanism. So, Higgs boson of any kind is not needed (see ).

iii. As the rest mass of neutrino arises from this RI-flip-flap mechanism, neutrinos must oscillate (see ). And, there must not have the fourth type of neutrino of any kind.

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