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Higgs boson, a bad idea, part 3

{Note (added on April 2, 2015, months before the LHC run II):

There should be a vacuum boson {as vacuum [d (blue), -d (-yellow)] quark pair} transformed into vacuum {u (yellow), -u (-blue)}, see .

This vacuum boson's mass should be:

{Vacuum energy (about 246 Gev) divided by 2} + {a push over energy (vacuum fluctuation, about 2.46 Gev)}
= 123 + 2.46 = 125.46 Gev.

The above calculation has only one parameter: the vacuum energy. As a vacuum boson, its key feature is having a zero (0) spin.

Three years after the discovery of this new 125.4 Gev boson, the Higgs mechanism is not verified (see an article from Nigel Lockyer, Director of Fermi Lab. at ). That is, the Higgs mechanism is wrong, total nonsense, and of course, there is no Higgs boson; it is a Vacuum Boson.

The Quark Model is, now, a fact with the following attributes.
i. There are three generations of quark, the generation charge.
ii. Each generation has two flavors of quark.
iii. Quark carries a ternary charge, the color charge.
iv. Both ternary charges (generation and color) vanish in the tier above the quarks.

Thus, the quark universe needs 7 (3 + 2 +3 – 1) labels to describe it. Mathematically, we can say that the quark universe has 7 dimensions.

Yet, we do know that the Quark Model is not a complete theory. The quarks come into being after a “spontaneous symmetry breaking” (SSB) mechanism. Quarks themselves are not the actor or the source of this SSB operation.  Thus, the Quark Model has a big hole, the source of SSB, and the Higgs boson was invented to fit the bill, as the source of SSB. Seemingly, this is a perfect logic.

However, the above logic of Higgs fits not well with the tier-structure principle (TSP) of Linguistics Manifesto.
a. If the “hole” of this quark universe is in the same tier of quarks, it must be the 8th dimension for the quark universe.

b. If the “hole” of this quark universe is an “opening” to a lower tier, the lower tier must also have 7 dimensions, as the quark universe is only a self-reflection of that lower tier via a similarity transformation.

Furthermore, regardless of the “hole” issue, quarks are particles which roam in space-time.  That is, quarks cannot be a true bottom for the universe. Then, according to the tier-structure principle (TSP), the space-time tier for quarks must also have 7 dimensions. Is the current description of Higgs having 7 dimensions?

Can we construct a lower tier below quarks with 7 dimensions? The answer is Yes.

The procedure is very simple.
i. Quark is a particle with positive energy.
ii. Quarks form a tier above space-time.

From the two facts above, we can construct a tier below quarks.
1. Energy dimensions (ED),
   a. V = zero energy
   b. A = non-zero energy
Note 1: V and A form a symmetry breaking from nothingness.

2. Geometry dimensions (GD) --- with a string.
        a. a line --- form two distinguishable points.
        b. a loop --- form an area.
Note 2: a string forms a symmetry breaking from a singularity.

3. Internal dimensions of a line  (ID)--- a line, in fact, has three dimensions, the two ends and the segment between the two ends. These internal dimensions are indistinguishable in a loop.
Note 3: thus, a line and a loop form another symmetry breaking.

The above three are nothing but are symmetry breakings.  With these three (ED, GD and ID) symmetry breakings, a lower tier for the Quark tier can be constructed, and it has 7 dimensions.
ED = 2
GD = 2
ID = 3
So, ED + GD + ID = 2 + 2 + 3 = 7

These three symmetry breakings arise from a “Nothing” to “Something” transformation, without the concern of any other logic, physics or else. That is, if something comes out from nothing, it must need these 7 dimensions to describe that process regardless of what that something is.

Is this a happy coincidence that this lower tier has the dimensions the same as the quark universe’s? Of course, not.  This lower tier is, in fact, the space-time sheet for quarks. And, the entire Quark Model can be reproduced by this lower tier via a similarity transformation, according to the tier-structure principle (TSP) of Linguistics Manifesto. That is, the “hole” of the Quark Model is resolved as that hole is only the link to its lower tier.

In fact, this lower tier is the source for the “Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking” of the Quark Model.
Thus, if a theory has the same structure as this lower tier (which arises wholly according to the tier-structure principle (TSP) of Linguistics Manifesto), it will be a valid theory for plugging the “hole” of the Quark Model. The Prequark Chromodynamics (  ) has the identical structure to this lower tier structure. Prequark Chromodynamics is not about new particles but is describing the space-time sheet for the quark universe.

While we are waiting for the final verdict on Higgs boson from the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) tests, I am putting out my verdict on Higgs here to make the following two points,
1. with the principle of Linguistics Manifesto, not only is the validity of Higgs boson evaluated , but it provides a detailed outline for a valid theory on SSB of the Quark Model, and thus,

2. the principles of Linguistics Manifesto are applicable on all large complex systems.

Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

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