Monday, May 9, 2011

The source of the “Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking”

In my previous post, I have showed that the Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (SSB) for quarks arises from three spontaneous symmetry breakings.
1. Energy symmetry breaking (zero / non-zero energy), ED
2. Singularity (geometry) symmetry breaking (singular geometrical point / a loop), GD
3. Internal structure of a loop symmetry breaking (a loop / a line [with two distinguishable points]), ID

These three SSBs form a space-time sheet for quarks. As the lower tier of the quarks, this space-time sheet can produce the quark tier via a similarity transformation with the following representations.
a. ED is represented with V (zero energy) and A (non-zero energy)

b. GD and ID are represented with two  ternary charges,
     i. Generation charge --- three generation of quarks
     ii. Quark color charge --- three quark colors.

And, these form the Prequark Chromodynamics (  ). Thus, the Prequark Chromodynamics is not about new particles but is describing the space-time sheet for the quark universe, and it is the source of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking for the quark tier.

Yet, what are the sources of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking for ED, GD and ID?

Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

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