Sunday, February 24, 2013

Higgs-like forever and ever more!

{Note (added on April 2, 2015, months before the LHC run II):

There should be a vacuum boson {as vacuum [d (blue), -d (-yellow)] quark pair} transformed into vacuum {u (yellow), -u (-blue)}, see .

This vacuum boson's mass should be:

{Vacuum energy (about 246 Gev) divided by 2} + {a push over energy (vacuum fluctuation, about 2.46 Gev)}
= 123 + 2.46 = 125.46 Gev.

The above calculation has only one parameter: the vacuum energy. As a vacuum boson, its key feature is having a zero (0) spin.

Three years after the discovery of this new 125.4 Gev boson, the Higgs mechanism is not verified (see an article from Nigel Lockyer, Director of Fermi Lab. at ). That is, the Higgs mechanism is wrong, total nonsense, and of course, there is no Higgs boson; it is a Vacuum Boson.

Next week (the first week of March 2013), the Moriond conference will be held to make a new report on the Higgs search.

On June 28, 2012 (7 days before the July 4, 2012 CERN announcement about the discovery of a new boson), I commented at “Of Particular Significance” (a physics blog by Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler, ) saying, “Now, only 7 days to the CERN news conference on the Higgs update. If CERN made an announcement about the discovery of the SM Higgs in that conference outright, it will eventually be proved as a transient vision. A “bigger” gadget will eventually overturn it.”   Also see “The nightmare vs. the new era, ).

Again, if CERN confirms that the new boson is a Higgs of any kind in the next week conference at Moriond, it will eventually eat its words. The reason is very simple. There is Prequark Chromodynamics ( ), and the Higgs mechanism is simply a shadow of the Prequark mechanism. That is, the best that the Higgs can ever get is the “Higgs-like” and no more.  The Higgs-like is forever and ever more.

Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating it by making this prediction to make and to mark the history forever and ever more.