Sunday, November 6, 2011

Physics laws must give rise to biological lives directly

The scope of “Fictitious Universe (FU) physics” must encompass the entire known physics (derived by the gadgets, such as Tevatron or LHC) and “all” known realities, such as,
a. the rise of biological lives from the laws of physics, not just obeying physics laws by lives, and
b. the rise of intelligence in terms of physics laws.

This concept of going beyond the gadget physics was described in the article “Higgs Boson, a bad idea, part seven” at ( ).  Thus far, I have shown many fingerprints marching between this FU physics and the gadget physics. The FU physics did reproduce the following known physics.

1. The particle zoo of Standard Model, see       

3. Theoretical calculation of Cabibbo and Weinberg angles, see
4. Theoretical calculation of Alpha (Electron Fine structure constant), see

With these fingerprints marching, there are enough and enough proofs to show that the gadget physics is only a subset of the FU physics (Super Unified Theory). However, if the FU physics cannot encompass “all known realities”, then it is useless.

Every biological life processes information, that is, it needs a bio-computer. In the 1970s, John Horton Conway invented “Life Game” and discovered that the “glider” of the life game can be the base to construct a Turing computer.

In Prequark Chromodynamics, both proton and neutron are gliders with the prequark representations. See the table below.  

Comparison of proton, glider and neutron
Proton as quarks
Proton as Prequarks


Neutron as Prequarks
Neutron as quarks
up (red)
(V, A, A)

( , * *)

- (A, V, V)
down (red)
up (yellow)
(A, V, A)

(* , *)

- (V, A, V)
down (yellow)
down (blue)
- (V, V, A)

( , , *)

(A, A, V)
up (blue)

That is, with the Prequark Chromodynamics, a Turing computer is embedded in the basic building blocks of life. Thus, the laws of FU physics do provide the essential parts of biological lives. The detail of this is described in the article “The Rise of Biological Life”, available at .

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