Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Unification in Fictitious Universe physics

In my previous posts, I have introduced the concept of “Fictitious Universe physics” (the FU physics). Obviously, the underlying physics in this FU physics is dramatically different from the traditional physics. Thus, instead of discussing those new physics, I have chosen to do the beauty-contest first, to see which one can do the better job by resolving some known physics mysteries. I have made two comparisons.

a. Theoretical calculation of Cabibbo and Weinberg angles  (, this cannot be done in the Standard Model.

b. Theoretical calculation of Feynman's damn mystery number (Alpha, the Electron Fine Structure constant) at ,  this cannot be done in the traditional physics.

Yet, both of them can be easily done in this Fictitious Universe physics.

However, the most important point in this Fictitious Universe physics is the Super Unified Force equation.

F (unified) = K ħ / (delta T * delta S)

K is a coupling constant, ħ Planck constant, T time, S space. From this unified force equation, the uncertainty principle can be derived very easily.

Delta P = F * Delta T = K ħ/ Delta S

So, delta P * delta S = K
  1. When, K >=1, then delta P * delta S >= ħ
  2. When K ~ 1, the uncertainty principle remains significant.
  3. When K << 1, then uncertainty principle is no longer important.
Now, FU physics has reproduced the traditional Uncertainty Principle, that is, making contact with the Quantum physics.

Furthermore, the Super Unification can be easily done at the unification scale when r (distance between two masses) is written r = delta r, and delta r = C delta t. C is the light speed.

a. The Newtonian gravity equation can be rewritten as follow:
    F (Newton gravity) = G mM/r^2 = (
ħC/Mp^2) mM/r^2  
                                = (mM/Mp^2)( ħc/r^2) = f1 (ħc/r^2)
                                = f1 (ħc / (delta r)^2) = f1 (ħ/(delta r * delta t))
(Mp is the Planck’s mass)
b.  The Coulomb law can be rewritten as:
F (electric) = k* q1 * q2/r^2 = k * f * e^2/r^2
                   = f2 (ħ c/r^2)
                   = f2 (ħc / (delta r)^2) = f2 (ħ/(delta r * delta t))

Obviously, both of them (gravity and electric forces) are unified with the Super Unified Force equation.

                                                F (unified) = K ħ / (delta T * delta S)

The impossible task of traditional physics is easily done in this FU physics.

Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong
The book “Super Unified Theory” (ISBN 0-916713-02-4, Copyright # TX 1-323-231, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-90325)


  1. This is so excellent! I completely ♥ this blog, i completely♡ quantum physics! Except I'm real dumb and like don't know quantum physics too good.[●_○]

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  3. Thanks rain.

    The traditional physics is often beyond the reach by non-physicist. On the other hand, the Axiomatic (FU) physics can be understood with common sense.

    With the discovery of a new boson, physics has now entered into a new era in one way or the other. You might be also interested in the article "The nightmare vs. the new era, at ".

    Yours truly,

    Tienzen Gong