Monday, August 1, 2011

Higgs Boson, a bad idea, part six

{Note (added on April 2, 2015, months before the LHC run II):

There should be a vacuum boson {as vacuum [d (blue), -d (-yellow)] quark pair} transformed into vacuum {u (yellow), -u (-blue)}, see .

This vacuum boson's mass should be:

{Vacuum energy (about 246 Gev) divided by 2} + {a push over energy (vacuum fluctuation, about 2.46 Gev)}
= 123 + 2.46 = 125.46 Gev.

The above calculation has only one parameter: the vacuum energy. As a vacuum boson, its key feature is having a zero (0) spin.

Three years after the discovery of this new 125.4 Gev boson, the Higgs mechanism is not verified (see an article from Nigel Lockyer, Director of Fermi Lab. at ). That is, the Higgs mechanism is wrong, total nonsense, and of course, there is no Higgs boson; it is a Vacuum Boson.

There are a few things certain about the Standard Model (SM).

Certainty 1: SM is not complete, that is, with a big hole. There are two ways to deal with any hole, plugging it up or going into it. By plugging it up, it becomes complete. By going into it, we will find a new universe.
So, what is this Higgs, a plug or a tunnel?

Certainty 2: SM roams in the space-time, not a base for generating space-time. So, if SM becomes a complete sheet (without any hole) by finding a Higgs, it still does not encompass the space-time. Thus, finding a Higgs plug will not make SM a better physics theory. If this Higgs plug cannot plug the entire hole (SM still incomplete with a real Higgs), then this Higgs is not truly important for a vital theory.

Can Higgs be a tunnel? If it is, then it should have an internal structure.

There are two types of internal structure, with sub-particles or with pre-particles. The sub-particle is, in general, smaller than the particle. On the other hand, the pre-particle can be infinitely larger than the particle. For example, a visible iceberg is composed of three pre-particles, 1) a big chunk of ice with 10 times of its size, 2) a big body of water, 3) a big space encompassing the two above. Each of these pre-particles is bigger than the visible iceberg, and some can be infinitely bigger.

If quark is only a protrusion of the space-time sheet, then there is a lower tier under SM.  That is, the hole of SM is actually linked to its lower tier, the space-time. In this way,  SM becomes a major part of the whole as its hole is not a weakness but is the key link to completeness.

With the above points, whether there is a real Higgs or not at this point is no longer important. Higgs cannot and does not play an important part in a final theory. Although there were zillions reasons for needing a Higgs in the history,  for breaking the electroweak gauge symmetry, for providing mass to quarks and leptons through their Yukawa couplings, etc., all those needs are now pointing to a new physics which can satisfy those needs without a Higgs, especially if there is no Higgs (almost a reality now). Prequark Chromodynamics ( ) is just such a new physics.

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