Friday, September 23, 2011

Superluminal Neutrinos and Massive space-distance

A report on Superluminal Neutrinos (neutrino travels faster than light speed) was issued at CERN today (September 23, 2011) by OPERA experiment ( ). The general opinion among physicists is that “if that experiment is confirmed, then the Einstein’s theory on light speed limit must be amended.”  In “Super Unified Theory (SUT)” (ISBN 0-916713-02-4, Copyright # TX 1-323-231, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-90325), this needs not to be the case.

In SUT, there is a speed limit for all causal events, and light travels at that causal speed limit. However, this universe has two parts; the causal universe has the boundary at the event horizon. Yet, another part of the universe sits beyond the event horizon. Today was beyond the event horizon of yesterday, and tomorrow is beyond the event horizon of today. Yet, there are linkages between these causal worlds and the beyond-causal universe. Yet, any causal signal (such as light) cannot play any part in these beyond-linkages. Please read the article “Where is Tomorrow?” at .

For light speed, it is guaranteed as the causal speed limit by the “Electron Fine Structure Constant, alpha”. If alpha cannot be derived theoretically without putting the “c” in it first, then there is no such a guaranteed. However, in SUT, alpha is derived theoretically without “c” being a variable (see ) in its calculation; thus “c” being the causal speed limit is guaranteed, regardless of whether anything could be superluminal or not. 

In SUT, the prequarks are the fibers of space-time sheet, described in . Thus, the distance in space depends on its mass. For the given two points in a space, if the mass between the two points was seen by traveler A more than the traveler B sees, then the distance between these two points (the same two points) is longer for A. This fact can be explained with a simple analogy.

I (170 lbs) and a groundhog (2 lbs) are going through exactly ten feet distance underground (by digging a tunnel of each). My 10 feet distance can be 100 times longer than groundhog’s.

Thus, the 730-kilometer distance measured precisely with metrology could be a bit longer than neutrino’s own measurement, as it sees no mass around, having an advantage even better than groundhog’s.

Thus, regardless of the OPERA experiment or any other experiments, it (they) will not change the fact that there is a causal speed limit (guaranteed by alpha) and that light travels at that limit. Theoretical truth is must more powerful than any experimental data which is always fallible.

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