Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Acceleration of the expanding universe, mystery no more!

In the traditional Human physics (HP), the space and the time are viewed as conceptually two different types of dimensions, and both of them are continuous dimensions. Yet, in this Axiomatic physics (AP), the space is viewed as only the traits of the time-dimension with the following equation.

Delta S = N * C * (Delta T)
              = (i^n1, i^n2, i^n3) * C * (Delta T) ..................... Equation zero

The n1, n2, and n3 can take the numbers {1, 2, 3 or 4}.

With this equation, this AP has made two very important predictions.  

1. There are only 48 fundamental elementary particles, no more or less. That is, there will not be any s-particles. See the article “48, the exact number for the number of elementary particles, “. And, this prediction will be verified sooner or later with the LHC data.

2.  In fact, with this equation, there was another great prediction --- there will be acceleration for the expansion of the universe, as it is the “direct” consequence of the equation. When “time” moves forward, the space and more particles are created according to this equation.

On the page 42 of the book ““Super Unified Theory” (ISBN 0-916713-02-4, Copyright # TX 1-323-231, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-90325), it wrote, “During the expansion period, the “space” of the universe increased when the “time” goes forward, ¼ of the time quanta’s energy goes into space (vacuum) which acts as an energy bank. … And, the density of this universe will increase slowly (3/4 of time’s energy goes into matter) and finally reach the critical density.

“However, as soon as the density of universe become finite, the space began to degenerate [into 64 dimensions and 48 of them are particles] and mixing angles were created.  … Therefore, gravity has to decrease a lot faster than the expanding force,  … “ (ibid, page 49 to 50).

As this book “Super Unified Theory” was published in 1984, its prediction of an expanding force for the universe was 14 years before the discovery of the fact that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. More detailed discussion of this issue is available in the article “Nobel Prize 2011, Accelerating expansion of the universe was predicted in 1984, “.

In fact, the issue of dark matter is also a direct consequence of this AP, and I will discuss it next.

Note: This book “Super Unified Theory” is available in many university libraries around the world, and that library info is available at the WorldCat (the world's largest library catalog).

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