Saturday, May 5, 2012

Predictions from Axiomatic physics

All BSMs (Beyond Standard Model) are extensions of SM, such as the SUSYs and the String theories. Yet, there is a major difference between the SM and the AP (Axiomatic physics) on the theoretical level, which was discussed in the article “Neutron decay and proton’s stability --- the source of universe’s evolution” ( ). In the SM, the electroweak symmetry breaking is caused by the Higgs mechanism. In the AP, the Higgs mechanism is only a shadow of the Real-Ghost flip-flop mechanism (see the article “The Rise of Gravity and Electric Charge”, ). And, this Higgs mechanism issue will soon be answered by the LHC data. Thus, the first prediction of this AP is as follow.

Prediction one:
        a.  Higgs boson of any kind will be ruled out.
        b. All SUSY theories with s-particles will be ruled out.
        c. Any String theories with extract spatial dimension(s) will be ruled out.

Prediction two: As the observation of the fact that the expansion of the universe is accelerating was discovered in 1998, the prediction of that fact was published in 1984 in the book “Super Unified Theory”. See the article “Acceleration of the expanding universe, mystery no more! , “.

Prediction three: There are only 48 elementary particles in Nature, not counting the force carriers. See the article “48, the exact number for the number of elementary particles, “. This prediction includes the followings.
            a. No Higgs boson of any kind.
            b. No s-particle of any kind.
            c. No fourth generation particles.

As this prediction was done in 1984, the top quark and the tau lepton were not discovered then; thus, this AP also predicted both the top quark and the tau lepton as they are parts of the 48. While other theories, such as the SM, also predicted them, they did not and still do not include the a, b, and c predictions above.This prediction will separate these two types of theories.

Prediction four: The measured Alpha (Fine structure constant) for the old galaxies must be slightly different from the younger ones. See the article “Axiomatic physics, the revolutionary physics epistemology, “.

Prediction five:  The gravitation constant should vary during the evolution of the universe. See the article “The rise of gravitation, and hierarchy problem no more!", “. In that article, the hierarchy problem is also resolved. Then, the dark matter and dark energy issue are resolved. See the article “Dark matter, mystery no more! , “.

These five predictions are experimentally testable, and some of them already experimentally or observationally verified. In addition to these predictions, this AP provides the answers to the following issues. 

      i. The origins of flavor and of generation --- see the article “48, the exact number for the number of elementary particles, “.

      ii. The origin of space --- see the article “Origin of spatial dimensions, and the definition for dimension, “.

     iii. The origin of mass --- see the article “Origin of mass, gateway to the final physics, “.

      iv. The origin of time --- see the article “Origin of time, the breaking of a perfect symmetry,

       v. The theoretical calculation of the Cabibbo / Weinberg angles and Alpha --- see the article “Axiomatic physics, the revolutionary physics epistemology, “.

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