Saturday, April 7, 2012

Arbitrariness and the final unification in physics

In a nutshell, physics is a science which studies three parameters; the space, the time and the mass. Now, the LHC is probing these three parameters from inside of the proton which can be viewed as a micro-copy of the big universe.

Yet, these three physics parameters are intuitively known by the people before the modern physics. Furthermore, they were arbitrarily defined by the human conveniences. It was quite straightforward to define the time by using the spin of the Earth, and the unit (in second) was also arbitrarily chosen as [1/ (60x60x24) of an Earth’s spin duration]. The length (in meter) was also chosen with a convenience, an arbitrarily chosen fraction of the estimated distance between the poles of the Earth.  The mass was also defined with an arbitrarily chosen metal slug. However, we are now probing the space, time and mass inside of the protons with those arbitrarily chosen units.

While these three parameters are the fundamental bases for constructing a universe by Nature, why are they able arbitrarily defined by us? The answer is very simple. Any arbitrary acts of ours can never mess up the “absoluteness” of the Nature design. Those three “Nature” parameters must be “locked” by Nature with an anchor lock. And, I have shown that there is, indeed, an “anchor lock” in the article (LHC and the knowledge-based physics, ).

With this anchor lock (Alpha, the Electron Fine Structure Constant), the entire “Universe” is fully defined. Thus, the physics underneath of this anchor lock will be the rock bottom physics for the entire universe.

First, this anchor lock (Alpha) is a dimensionless pure number, that is, it is independent of the chosen units of its three parameters [electric charge (e), light speed (c) and Planck constant (h-bar)].   Thus, we can define the three units (length, second and mass) arbitrarily, with our conveniences.

Second, as the anchor lock for these three parameters (e, c, h-bar), its value (Alpha) must be the direct consequence of the physics which define these three parameters. Yet, these three parameters are known via our test data, that is, they are defined in terms of “operations”, without any theoretical bases.

As I have shown a theoretical calculation for Alpha (Electron Fine Structure Constant) in a previous post, I will show the theoretical bases for each of those parameters. In the next post, I will show the theoretical definition for “mass”.

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