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LHC, the end of the old physics epistemology

In the post (LHC and the knowledge-based physics, ), I have shown the difference between the Nature physics and the human physics. For the traditional human physics, its epistemology is the “interplay of theories and testing”.  Yet, we will soon reach the dead-end of this old epistemology at the end of the LHC’s life.

Fortunately, we have learned enough Nature physics via this old physics epistemology, and we are now able to construct a knowledge-based physics with a new epistemology, the “Fictitious Universe” methodology --- by arbitrary choosing a set of definitions and axioms,  need not be experimentally tested but must be compared to the known Nature physics (see the post  “Super Unified Theory via a new methodology “ at ).

Then, I showed a solid example of this new physics epistemology by showing the theoretical calculation of the Alpha (see the post “Alpha, Fine Structure Constant, mystery no more! “ at ).  This example, in fact, transforms the knowledge-based physics (the K-physics) into an axiom-based physics (the A-physics). For an axiom-based system, the axioms and definitions can be selected arbitrarily. That is, no experimental test of any kind can be applied to this axiom physics. Its validity is solely determined by the internal rules of an axiom system. Of course, its “value” depends on whether it makes any contact with the Nature physics. Are the axiomatically derived physics laws identical to the laws of Nature? If not, then that axiomatically derived physics has no value for describing the Nature physics. Thus, the value of an axiomatic physics can be easily determined.

Thus, the human physics is evolved in three steps.
1. The old physics epistemology --- the interplay of theories and verification tests.
2. The knowledge-based epistemology --- the axioms are based on the known physics.
3. The axiom-based epistemology (Fictitious Universe methodology, the A-physics) --- axioms are arbitrarily selected.

In this new axiom-based new physics, I have chosen the Alpha (fine structure constant) as the only axiom, and it locks (defines) three Nature constants [electric charge (e ), light speed (c ) and Planck constant (h-bar)] with the formula,

 Alpha = e^2/c * h-bar   (Axiom One)

From this single axiom, the entire Nature universe arises with the following axiomatic steps.

Step 1. Axiom One has an internal hierarchy.

    i. the Inverse-Alpha is a dimensionless pure number = 137.0408704 … (note: this is slightly different from the measured value of 137.0359 … , and I will explain this fact in the future posts).

    ii. two dimension-giving constants (dimensions as the measuring rulers for the construction) --- light speed and Planck constant.

    iii. one unifying constant (electric charge) --- it is derived from c (light speed) and h-bar (Planck constant). This constant guarantees that the constructed area is causally linked.

Step 2.  With the above three-tier of hierarchy, the Axiom One is guaranteed to be internally consistent. Then, it (Axiom One) can expand externally.

    A. the lower tiers (there are two branches)
       1. the dimensions  --- there are three dimensions (not spatial dimensions), the time, the space and the mass.  Note: the definition on dimension of this A-physics goes way beyond the spatial dimensions, and I will discuss this issue in detail in future posts.

           i. the time --- it is defined with c (light speed)

          ii. the space --- it is defined with both c (light speed) and h-bar (Planck constant). The space has three spatial dimensions, and they can be defined with two parameters, the length, and the angle. The light speed defines the length part while the h-bar defines the angle.

          iii. the mass --- while the electric charge is defined (locked) directly by Alpha as a Nature constant (as the product of c and h-bar), it cannot be a dimension. The division between c and h-bar was not defined, and it turns out to be the mass. Yet, the mass is not a Nature constant but is a dimension.

As the mass is defined as the division between c and h-bar, it must also be defined with the time and the space. Thus, the definition of mass must be the gateway for the further development of this axiomatic physics, and I have posted “part one” on this issue with the article (Definition of mass, the gateway to the final unification in physics. ).  And, part two is coming soon.

       2. The forces --- after the dimensions are defined axiomatically, the forces become a nature outcome (a sentence of an axiomatic system) of those dimensions. And, the unified force equation is defined axiomatically as,
F (unified) = K ħ / (delta T * delta S)

K is a coupling constant, ħ Planck constant, T time, S space. Of course, from this unified force equation, we should derive all known physics forces, and I will do this in the future posts. One interesting hint here is that two special forces (the gravitation and the acceleration) are functions of mass. Thus, mass must be defined axiomatically with the ħ, delta T and delta S, and we will see it soon.

    B. the higher tiers --- with these three basic dimensions being defined and the forces being derived, the higher tiers can be constructed. The first one is the Prequark tier (see ) and from there all the way to life and intelligence.

Now, the framework of this Axiom-based physics (A-physics) is clear. And, I will show that all known physics (laws and principles) can be produced with this A-physics. Then, I will also show that this A-physics can answer all current physics questions (such as, the dark matter, the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, etc.).

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